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Not only is Valras-Plage a popular resort, but it is primarily a city for good living, a human-sized city where locals and tourists can find in a reduced perimeter, the charms of tradition, service quality shops and, of course, a “constantly renewed sea.” About the region: Words are not enough to describe it. Rich in history, it cultivates its differences by flirting with Provence and the Catalan region

Valras plage port

Fishing is part of the identity of Valras-Plage and even if the professional fishermen are not as numerous as once were, the regaining of the love for this traditional activity, notably, among the young, gives thought to the idea that there is a return to grass roots and this is in the process of turning Valras-Plage back into an authentic fishing village.


The leisure port is a true lively area. Its uniqueness lies in the closeness between the leisure owners, fishermen, and service providers (jet-ski, sea trips, ferrymen, and boat hirers), sporting associations and organisations who mix together and get on together, mixing tradition and modernity.


The Marty shopping market

Situated in the heart of the town, the Marty shopping market renovated in 2002 are really at the centre of the traditional commerce of the town. Situated in rue Charles Thomas it offers fruits, vegetables, pastries, and of course fish sold directly by the fishermen: sardines, mackerel, sea bream, etc. The Marty shopping market with its 22 stalls offers its customers quality, and fresh products in a convivial atmosphere valued by its faithful clientele, and visitors. Marty shopping market opens from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day in summer.


Village market

Before becoming a balneotherapic resort, Valras-Plage was previously a fun town, a human beings’ town where residents and tourists can find, at an advantageous price, traditional charm, the quality of the services and businesses are always of the highest standard.




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