Pool and entertainment

Great, fun and it has a spa corner for vacationers who are looking forward to relaxing but also a waterfall, a geyser and a mushroom for the youngest. An island connected by a wooden bridge allows to go and see what’s happening without getting your feet wet. For the youngest, there is also a paddling pool! Plenty of recently bought nice deckchairs will be at your disposal to enjoy the sun.
Since 2016 : Swimming pool is now open and heated from beginning May until end of September !




Evening events will be offered throughout your stay in July & August! They will delight young children, parents or adolescents.


  •  Sports tournaments: football or volleyball games, petanque competitions …
  •  Dance competitions and aerobics classes to keep fit while having fun
  •  Activities for children: a qualified youth leader will suggest a variety of activities to your children: drawing competition, cooking and sculpture classes, organizing shows, sports tournaments …
  •  Many arts show: 3-4 nights a week of entertainment professionals will occur on stage for your enjoyment: singers, dancers, DJs, magicians, entertainers, foam parties …
  •  Evening entertainment: karaoke, theme dinners, bingo, Belote competitions, the children’s shows, mini miss / mister pageant, music quiz, dances and other events such as movie nights will make your evenings memorable
  •  A video game room with pinball and foosball, Ping-Pong and pool table
  •  A playground for children outside with seesaws, thread …


  •  100 meters : a playground with inflatable structures (some can reach 10 meters high) and if you cave you can always go to the mini golf next door :)
  •  100 meters : Paintball field (and Laser Tag) for those who have always wanted to incorporate a commando unit. With a protection suit, a helmet and with a large calibre paintballs firing rifle, you and your team will win the fight of your life by using the best tactics (or not)
    A Ranch (with a pizzeria restaurant) for horse-back-riding (or pony)
    Several road shows offered during the summer just outside the campsite: Circus Show, Monster Trucks …
    Sailing and diving schools, jet-skis rentals, a first aid station close to the camping
  •  3 km : Karting
  •  4 km : Valras-Plage’s Casino to go nuts!
  •  6 km : CO2, a trendy nightclub with a free shuttle service to party all night long (there are 2 others in Valras at 4 km in Valras)

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